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Ball and Prom dresses, just like the women who wear them, come in all shapes and sizes. At Bridal and Ball we can help you find the one that is perfect for your special occasion. The word ‘prom’ comes from the word ‘promenade’ which was a formal procession of couples into a ballroom after they were announced to their audience. In the UK, the closest event we had to this was the ‘coming out ball’ for wealthy debutantes. Just as at those occasions, colour and style are still important.

There are few things you can think about before deciding on ‘the dress’. For instance, do certain colours look better on you than others? What is the theme for the evening, will it be traditional, retro or up to the minute modern? What will your date be wearing? If he’s going in a lounge suit then something less formal will be more appropriate, if he’s wearing the full dinner jacket and bow tie then a long gown is going to be preferable. You might also want to see if you can match colours in some way, perhaps with his waistcoat or cumberbund.