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Bridesmaids DressesThe role of the bridesmaid is to help and support the bride on her big day, she is after all the centre of attention and her wishes must come first. However, it is inevitable that your bridesmaids will have their own ideas about what they should be wearing and with the wide variety of colours, shapes and styles, finding a single bridesmaid dress that keeps everyone happy can seem rather daunting.

We stock a range of beautiful bridesmaids dresses that are perfect for every size, shape and budget from D’Zage and Ebony Rose. With both these collections finding something to suit the most picky of ladies should be easy.

Often, it is the colour and style of the bridesmaid dresses that determine the overall theme of the wedding and choosing these well in advance means that other decisions such as flowers can become much easier.

It is inevitable that your bridesmaids will be different shapes, sizes and even colours. In these cases it is often easier to pick something that unifies them rather than choosing the same dress for everyone. This could be the style, the colour or even fabric and it means that everyone can have something they feel comfortable wearing.

In the UK the weather is always a factor that needs to be considered, even in the summer and keeping your bridesmaids warm with jackets, pashmina’s or even a shrug will ensure they stay warm and cosy right up to the evening reception.