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Trudy Lee wedding dressFinding the perfect wedding dress that that flatters your figure, hair and skin tone takes time, and is arguably one of the biggest jobs on every brides ‘to do’ list. Stepping into your gown on the morning of your wedding should be a memorable experience, one that makes you the centre of attention for the whole day. The dress should match your expectations AND your budget, to help you get it right we’ve put together this helpful set of hints and tips. Bridal and Ball stock a range of wedding dresses from top designers including:

There is a lot of pressure to buy the dress that your mum, sister, cousin and best friend all want you to have. The most important person however, is you. After all you’ll be wearing the dress for the day, you’ll want to impress your friends and family and you’ll need it to be comfortable too. Whatever you do, buy the dress that you feel most flatters you and is the one that you will want to wear come the big day.

The style of your wedding will dictate to some extent the sort of wedding dress you might wear. A full religious ceremony will require something different to a small, intimate service at the registry office. Is your wedding traditional or relaxed? Are you planning to marry abroad or will you need to pack the dress for traveling? Will it be vintage or modern? Each of these requires a different style of dress for both the bride, her bridesmaids as well as the rest of the wedding party.

If you are getting married in the winter you might want a heavier fabric than in the summer. You might also be looking for a jacket or stole to cover your shoulders and keep the autumn chill away. In winter a white dress might look too cold, yet it would be perfect in the summer. In the winter cream or even a rich ruby red or sapphire blue will brighten up the day and the evening.

White is the traditional colour of a wedding dress in the UK but it’s not a colour that suits every skin shade. Nowadays you can choose from a range of white and cream shades right through to deeper, richer colours that flatter your skin.